The leader of the HAWK printing studios, Hans R., better known as FUSSI, everyday got into trouble with the students. So i decided once to help my good old hairy fellow being respected and taking him again more seriously by all students. I created a custom-made brand, a bunch of posters and illustrations, merchandise and many more. In the end nobody couldn’t know: DONTFUCKWITHFUSSI.
— well, maybe i became a little bit obsessed with that.

Custom-made brand


WHO is the Greatest — Poster

(You can see me with some friends down there on the edge of the boxing-ring watching that spectacular fight.)


That man wants to stay anonymous

A man full of mercy — Poster, fullsize & detail

(See the fake one here:

DFWF-signet ring — Design of an unique signet ring

The ring was created with the help of some friends with 3-D Software. Then got 3-D shaped and finally poured in 925th silver. 



(∗ take off the sticker and put it an the webcam of your notebook! Now be sure no one else – but FUSSI –
is watching you while solving difficult mathematical equations in front o your screen. Have fun!)


Share your apple with FUSSI — Apple Macbook-sticker

Fits perfectly.

Never Game Over — Animation

Portrait — Etching

Farewell, Fussi!